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Book 2: Echoes from the Lost Ones.


The struggle to survive just got harder.


Follow Adara and her quest to find her brother as the enthralling dystopian, sci-fi adventure continues.


I’m not like the other girlygigs in Cityplace, I’m a Bringer. I can sing to the only animals left in NotSoGreatBritAlbion and make them land.


Now that the Agros have cut supplies and folk are near starved, I’d best keep shutums about my name though, or everyone will want a piece of me.


I’d best creep and peep all stealthy-like to track down my bro-bro. Snatched by Agro scum for who knows what.


Good job I’m trained in S.A.N.T. ways too, for I’ll need all my roughhouse skills to keep the Agro spies, Nearlys and Wolfies at bay until I find and bring home my bro, and all the other missing Meeks.


I just wish I knew who or what is following my every move.


After her brother is snatched and her Santy is injured during a ruthless raid on Cityplace, Adara embarks on a dangerous quest to find Deogol. But her journey through the ravaged terrain of NotSoGreatBritAlbion is fraught with danger when her search is jeopardised by lustful Woodsmales, savage Wolfies, and sinister monks in the Monastery in the Clouds.


Yet Adara finds friends and allies who help her to realise her true potential as a Bringer and deadly weapon. When she encounters powers greater than hers, Adara must use all her courage and skill to battle against evil forces to save herself and those she loves from being slaughtered by Agro spies.





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