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About The Song of Forgetfulness and its author

The Song of Forgetfulness series began as a challenge from students that attended my creative writing class in the local High School. They wanted me to write a book about a female protagonist in a future world that addressed issues about global warming, disease and the threat of world-wide food shortage.

Oh, and they wanted her to eat, go to the toilet and even menstruate! I did quite a bit of research into the negative effects of human influence on the enviroment, diseases which can be transmitted to humans from animals, and lots of technical stuff about nano-fibres, cloning and 3D printing.

Then I decided to set it in Scotland and the narrative just took off. Lots of edits later, The Song of Forgetfulness was born.

It continues to grow and hopefully will become a success!


About the author:


I was born in Liverpool, England, the youngest of six and spent most of my childhood running through the garden; either being chased by or chasing my brothers, sisters, cats and dogs. I helped my dad grow vegetables and had a favourite pear tree that I would climb into whenever I felt sad. Oh, and sometimes I went to school.


There were always lots of books around the house and I read them all, even the ones that I was far too young to understand.

I loved to write as a child, but then I saw the late great Ken Campbell perform a one-man-show of 'A Canterbury Tales' and I was hooked on theatre.


So trained as a photojournalist!

Didn't like it at all. Loved the photography part, not so much the journalism.


I decided to go back to college.


After gaining a Drama and English Literature degree, I worked for many years as an actor/tutor/script writer and abandoned prose in favour of dialogue.


Then I moved to Suffolk where I live in a 17th-century oak-beamed cottage with my husband and a number of rescue/feral cats. The lovely countryside begged to be photographed and I lost the acting bug in favour of capturing the beauty of nature. Stories popped into my head, influenced by some of the images I took. I had to write them down, but I'd forgotten how to write prose!


So I went back to college.


After gaining a Creative Writing diploma I won The Suffolk Book League's Short Story Competition. It gave me the confidence to write more and try to create a novel. I continue to write and publish short stories and work on other writing projects.


As well as being an author,  I am an editor,  I teach photography and creative writing for both adults and young people, and  I'm constantly exploring new ways to create photographic images and experiment with language.


I enjoy cooking and experimenting with ingredients, so long as they are fruit and vegetables and rice and grains. Yes! I am a vegetarian, but don't hold that against me.


Favourite authors include: Annie Proulx, Vladimir Nabokov, Flannery O'Connor, Ray Bradbury and Shakespeare.


My writing day begins about 3.00am when I wake up with a brilliant idea. My writing day ends about 3.02am when that idea vanishes with consciousness. But I do try to get in  a couple of hours writing in the early afternoon before going to work.


You can keep tabs on me over at my Facebook page dedicated to the series, follow me on Twitter or you can visit my author website or catch up with my blog at

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