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Book 3: A Silence Heard



The third instalment of the thrilling dystopian series - The Song of Forgetfulness.



Trust no one, not even family.


Agros, lots of them.

Feet pounding, shaking the earth, drawing closer.

An unseen army equipped with tech we know nowt about.

All I have is my voice and the power of friendship.

I must act now before the Agro menace snuffs us out.

But there’s a stone in my guts. A hard thing that won’t move.

Yet I must, I must rise from all this grief and sing.

Sing to save the Meeks, sing to destroy the Agros, and sing The Song of Forgetfulness to send lost loved ones to a better place and peace


Adara, Kendra, Eadgard, Wirt and Marcellus enter Agro headquarters ready to infiltrate their colony and free the Meeks.

But there is a traitor.

Someone who is in league with the enemy.

Someone close to home.


As filthy battles ensue and loved ones perish, Adara must sing The Song of Forgetfulness one last time if she is to save not only the Meeks, but all the folk of NotSoGreatBritAlbion from a life of slavery and despair.


There is hope. The Meeks have a secret weapon that only Adara can unlock. Outside the Agro headquarters, folk are gathering. A legion of Woodsfolk, Clonies, S.A.N.T.S, Holy ones and Ladies, are on their way.


There’s just one problem – Deogol.

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